A wind turbine project near Listowel has been cancelled. The 26-turbine Conestogo Wind Project has been “mutually terminated” by the Ontario Power Authority and Invenergy LLC, the company in charge of the project.

No reason for the decision was given.

The project, like many across the province has seen vocal opposition Perth-Wellington PC MPP Randy Pettapiece says.

“The end of this project is nothing less than a victory for those who did not want industrial wind turbines imposed on their communities. It is a victory for the grassroots organizers who worked tirelessly to preserve their neighbourhoods, their farms, and their way of life. They prevailed over a multi-national wind company as well as the Liberal government, whose process was rigged against them.”

The wind company trying to get the Conestogo Wind Project up and running expressed dismay and thanks to supporters in a statement.

“Invenergy is disappointed that the project will not move forward. We have been working in the community since 2011 to build relationships with landowners, business owners, municipal representatives and other local stakeholders. If developed, the project could have brought many long-lasting benefits to the community. We thank everyone who supported the project and our plans to invest in the community.”

A local landowner who has been fighting the proposed project for the past two years, Tim Martin says he’s ecstatic over the news and admits he feared the project would be approved despite many local landowners' objections.