LONDON, ONT. -- After word got out about 28 confirmed COVID cases involving Western students many of those with concerns got tested. Second year students Arjun Sahdra and Heath Muha stood in line for an hour and a half.

“I didn't have any symptoms or any concerns going in, it was just a precaution just to get everyone in the house checked.” said Muha.

Sahdra added, “I just want to make sure just to be safe, make sure like in case I ever see my friends I don't give them anything.”

Fourth year student Leah Barrow is concerned over the outbreak but isn’t getting tested. She believes the spike in cases is due to a few partiers with large gatherings. “People know where its coming from they just got to make the decision not to go there.” said Barrow.

On Thursday night Western University President Alan Sheperd issued an email to all students telling them to use common sense and avoid large gatherings, limit social activity and stay away if they are feeling sick.

“Ultimately the responsibility falls on the students to actually follow what he's saying.” adds Muha. )

Since the outbreak there's been a steady stream of people here at the Assessment Centre at Western. They have the capacity to test up to five hundred people a day.