LONDON, ONT -- A London family has reunited with their lost cat Lily, who went missing last month and was adopted out to another family.

Lily was last seen around Halloween, but her original owners, the Cronin family, assumed she was hiding in the house, something she often did.

But instead it turns out Lily had escaped through a window.

The family started looking for Lily as soon as they realized she was gone, and eventually found her on the London Animal Care Centre’s (LACC) adoption website.

Katie Cronin called the next day, just minutes after the centre opened, only to learn Lily had already been adopted. That was less than a week after she went missing.

On Tuesday, CTV News aired a story in which Cronin made a plea to the cat’s new owners to let her say one last goodbye.

After seeing her story on the news, Lily's new owners contacted Cronin and the LACC to coordinate possibly having Lily go back to her previous owners.

Lily has since been returned to the Cronin family and her brief owners have been given the option to adopt another cat free of charge.

Care centre staff remind pet owners to call their local shelter immediately if one goes missing, and recommends steps like microchipping to ensure they are reunited.