LONDON, ONT. -- Sunday marks the one year anniversary since Tyler McMichael disappeared.

Tyler’s father Anthony McMichael, McMichael’s wife, Rachel Brethour-McMichael, and Tyler’s biological mother Krista Mulholland are asking residents along Highway 2 or anyone between London and Chatam-Kent to leave their porch lights on overnight to ‘light the way home for him.’

“And to bring awareness that he is still missing, it has been a year, we want to know where he is,” says Brethour-McMichael.

“We want people to realize that he is a son and a sibling, someone that is loved and valued...we love him and miss him,” says Anthony McMichael.

According to London police, the then 20-year-old was last seen on May 24 2019 in the area of Commissioners Road East and Wellington Road.

Tyler’s father Anthony McMichael says Tyler was a patient at the Victoria campus of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and battled with suicidal thoughts and drug addiction.

McMichael says Tyler is believed to have went missing after he left the LHSC centre on a 30 minute pass but never returned.

“He got a 30 minute pass and then he called me and said he wasn’t going back to the hospital and he asked me if I was going to be okay if he disappeared. I said it would devastate me.”

McMichael urged Tyler to come and see him in Blenheim in Chatham-Kent in order to talk him into returning to the hospital.

Tyler agreed over the phone to bike from London to Blenheim in Chatham-Kent using Highway 2.

“When he said he was going to bike to see me I never thought anything of it,” says McMichael, “It might sound unusual but he bikes a lot and he has been saying for the last year and a half, that was something he wanted to do.”

Tyler never arrived.

“We want closure, we want to know he is okay and we want to know he is not suffering,” says McMichael.

McMichael had to distance himself from his son due to Tyler’s drug use but chose to reach out to him once he had been clean for three months.

“We talked everyday, and now he is just gone. He is very personable, people who meet him like him….he is very soft-spoken but he has a distinct loud laugh that I love.”

On May 29 2019, London police issued a media release asking for the public's help finding Tyler.

Police reported that they may have seen him in the downtown area in of June 2019.

McMichael says he shares all leads with the lead investigator, but no reappearances of Tyler have been confirmed.

“We really miss him, we just want to know he is safe and okay. His mother and me, he calls me mom as well, and his father and siblings, we just need to know he is okay or that he is not suffering,” says Brethour-McMichael.