A new study out of Lawson Health and Research Institute is showing that lifestyle changes during pregnancy can reduce risks usually associated with obesity for both mothers and babies.

Several studies have shown that women who are obese are at a higher risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes.  

Some of those risks include gestational diabetes and delivering babies with an increased amount of fat.  These babies are more likely to be obese in childhood and develop type 2 diabetes.

A new study from Lawson however is showing that lifestyle changes can reduce some of these risks. Something as simple as less sitting was shown to make an improvement for mothers and babies.

In the study expectant mothers were randomly selected to receive lifestyle counselling during their pregnancy and learned tips on healthy eating and becoming more active.

Less time spent sitting was also associated with reduced levels of leptin, a hormone produced by fat tissue and the placenta.

When levels become too high during pregnancy, this hormone can inhibit insulin production and increase the risk of gestational diabetes.