LONDON, ONT. -- It’s been a trying year for all of us, but for low income families there has been a greater challenge.

“The poverty in London is very hidden and with COVID we have a lot more families impacted.” says Jacqueline Thompson, the Executive Director at LIFE*SPIN.

The non-profit organization helps needy families throughout the year with programs and resources. But now they need help with their 2020 Christmas Sponsorship Program. Due to COVID there are changes with how it’s operating this year.

“We've switched it up and the families can go register online and attach all of their appropriate documents and sponsors can pick a family online and we match them up and they can go and get gift cards for toys and food.” says Thompson.

If you can't sponsor an entire family, there is another way you can help out LIFE*SPIN. By participating in the Lights and Sirens Toy Drive taking place at the Central Fire Hall on Horton Street on Dec. 5.

“The emergency service workers of London will be there to receive the donations of toys in a drive thru so they stay safe.” says Thompson.

To date there are almost three thousand children and 14 hundred families registered for the sponsorship program.

Thompson adds, ”We're hopeful that we can come together as a community and make sure that everyone is looked after this year.”