Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made two stops in London on Thursday afternoon.

At noon, Trudeau was touring the facility at Canadian Solar, where he spoke about clean technologies and also fielded questions from the media.

The plant produces modules and panels for the solar industry worldwide.

Trudeau also said he plans to hold a first ministers’ meeting to look at ways to combat global climate change.

The visit comes just days after the Liberal Leader unveiled more policy plans surrounding environment including a national-carbon pricing proposal.

In an attempt to paint the Liberals as the party of choice for the environment, Trudeau said he would “clean up the mess in our own backyard” by putting some “teeth” back into environmental review process, which he says was “gutted” by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Following his stop at Canadian Solar, Trudeau then made his way to Storybook Gardens to visit with families. 

Trudeau then left for Calgary shortly after his Storybook Gardens appearance.