It's being called the largest estate gift ever received by the London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF).

On Tuesday, it was announced that former University of Western Ontario economics professor John Knight left the LHSF $5.25 million from his estate.

Knight passed away in January of last year.

Knight's wife Mary, died of ovarian cancer in 2008 and that was the inspiration for the gift.

The funding will lead to new treatments for ovarian cancer.

“This funding will give our team the further resources needed to accelerate and expand our research, and translate our findings into clinical trials that directly impact patients,” said Dr. Gabriel DiMattia in a statement.

“Planned gifts can truly leave a legacy and that is what we have witnessed today,” said LHSF President and CEO John MacFarlane in a news release.

“This donation will immeasurably and positively affect the lives of so many patients and their families for years to come.”