LONDON, ONT. -- The London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) says its priority is "the safety of all patients, staff, and physicians" after a group of nurses reportedly refused to work over a lack of safety equipment last week.

The nurses were allegedly worried about a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), but the hospital says a review by the Ministry of Labour found no issues.

A statement from the hospital reads, in part, " the Ministry of Labour was engaged as per usual process and found that LHSC’s process and policies that follow the Ministry of Heath guidelines are appropriate. "

That said, the hospital acknowledges that COVID-19 is creating "anxiety and uncertainty for our care teams" and they are working to resolve work refusals and "clarify misinterpretations regarding appropriate PPE use."

LHSC added that they are also trying to ensure PPE is used appropriately, and that there will be sufficient levels of safety equipment moving forward.