LONDON, ONT. -- Now that the province has changed its COVID-19 vaccination plan, the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) plans to ramp up vaccinations in London, Ont.

Since health-care worker Karen Dunn was given the first shot in London on Dec. 23, LHSC says between four and five dozen staff have been at the Western Fair Agriplex daily working at the clinic.

"Before opening the clinic (Tuesday) morning we had provided the first dose of Pfizer vaccine to approximately 500 individuals," says Dr. Adam Dukelow, chief medical officer at LHSC.

Those receiving the vaccine to date are primary health-care workers for long-term care homes and LHSC members that have worked in outbreak units.

"We will vaccinate approximately 300 people Tuesday and 420 a day starting Wednesday," adds Dukelow.

"By Jan 4. we anticipate we will vaccinate 500 per day. The biggest limitation going forward will be the amount of vaccination we receive."

The province initially asked hospitals to hold back doses, but that changed Monday.

"Prior to (Monday) evening we were restricted to giving out 50 per cent on hand to save a second dose. That was changed last night to give out all vaccine on hand," says Dukelow.

"We still have to pay close attention to incoming supply chain, to be able to deliver that second dose at the 20-day mark. However now we are now putting shots in arms as quickly as possible."