LONDON, ONT -- Six physicians with London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) have created a new virtual clinic to reach anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19.

The Urgent COVID-19 Care Clinic has been set up to identify, monitor, and manage any complications that may develop in patients with the virus.

“Research is showing that patients with COVID-19 may not seek care until it’s too late because the symptoms of low oxygen levels may not be noticeable early in this disease. By the time they do exhibit signs and get help, they can be at a critical stage in the disease,” said Dr. Erin Spicer with the clinic.

The clinic is taking patient referred from the Middlesex London Health Unit, Emergency Department, family doctos, and LHSC inpatient services.

Their aim is to work with all individuals who receive a positive diagnosis regardless of severity of symptoms.

Some who are assessed may be found to be at a higher risk for complications with oxygen level and will be equipped with a pulse oximeter to self-monitor the amount of oxygen in the body.

The clinic can also provide an intake process for those who need hospitalization if their symptoms worses, allowing them to admitted directly to their bed at LHSC.

This will allow them to avoid the Emergency Department decreasing the risk of exposure to other patients and staff.