LONDON, ONT. -- The surging COVID-19 case count in the region has forced local hospitals to temporary close several operating rooms and delay surgeries.

According to a news release, the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) cancelled several surgeries this week as it deals with mounting pressure from the pandemic and 'potential human resource restraints'.

On Tuesday, just 10 operating rooms (ORs) were running at Victoria Hospital for surgeries that are likely to require admission to the hospital. Similarly, at University Hospital seven ORs were running.

Some surgeries were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, including in two ORs at the Surgi-Centre on Baseline Road.

The Surgi-Centre performs low-risk day surgeries that do not require post-operative hospitalization.

Patients who have a scheduled surgery cancelled are being notified by telephone.

On Wednesday, two ambulatory ORs will start at Victoria Hospital in the main operating rooms, two ORs will run at the Surgi-Centre, and two ORs will run at University Hospital in addition to the numbers running on Tuesday.

LHSC will continue to adjust surgical volumes each day.