LONDON, ONT. -- Laura Jean McCann passed away last month after battling pancreatic cancer. She was an accomplished Cellist and gymnast in her early years, and took up competitive dancing in her 60’s. But her life and love was theatre.

"She had a huge passion for drama and music and the dramatic arts, and Theatre. So we decided to put together a scholarship to keep that memory going," says son Wes McCann.

The family wanted to do something to honour the 33-year teacher, who inspired many students at East Elgin Secondary School to pursue the dramatic arts. This scholarship is to pay tribute to that legacy.

"We wanted her to be able to continue to do that moving forward for other people, and so having a scholarship fund that allows people to pursue their dream in the dramatic art, is something that would be right up her alley."

McCann started a gofundme campaign with a goal of $20 thousand dollars following her passing. The scholarship will awarded to a student at East Elgin who is pursuing the dramatic arts. The size of the scholarship has not been determined at this time.