LONDON, ONT. -- Whether the idea of darning socks is beyond you, or you have plans to sew your own clothing, there's a place you can learn.

Hannah Blanshard loves the art of clothing design, and is aspiring to turn that love into a career.

“I would like to someday work in theatre in costumes, I’ve already done a little bit of that work before and liked it.”

But she didn’t know where to start until she heard about Jackson Sewing Academy, an online school that teaches students all they need to know about sewing and alterations.

“I have learned so many news skills and like I’ve learned how to take in dresses and hem dresses and how to put in zippers pretty quickly just a ton of things," says Blanshard.

April Jackson, founder of Jackson Sewing Academy, says whether it’s to assist a hobby or a career, the online courses have something for everyone.

“Let’s say you just wanted to do ladies wear - here are all the videos and such to help you in that field. We also have men’s wear, we have business starters, and everyday repairs.”

Jackson films the series of course modules for the online school, but is also available for any questions students may have.

“The students will always have access to an alteration specialist. Right now it’s me, but hopefully over time we will expand to other specialists too,” says Jackson.

“This way if you’re doing a technique and something is not working and you have a challenge that’s what’s awesome online because we can do web cam, and I can look at what you’re doing and we can work on it together.”

There are a number of courses that people can purchase and access whenever needed, so it also allows students to work at their own pace.

“I really feel encouraged when people say to me for example...'I’ve never done a zipper before and now I did one like this and it turned out the first time,'" says Jackson.

She hopes the online program really takes off so she can grow the initiative in both its curriculum and manpower, to help more people learn about the trade.

“Sewing is needed, and it’s letting people know it is a trade that it is needed and if you’re interested in it it’s something you can learn and now there is teaching available.”