WINGHAM, ONT. -- The last of six derailed train cars and engines has been removed from Goderich’s waterfront.

Crews from Quebec started the meticulous process of slowly unhooking, lifting and moving the derailed locomotives Thursday morning.

On Monday afternoon, a train with over 30 rail cars, came hurtling towards Goderich’s harbourfront.

A tractor trailer, pickup truck, and fishing shanty were damaged or destroyed. No one was killed or injured.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada sent an investigator to the scene Tuesday and Wednesday, to try and pinpoint what led to the runaway train. A report is expected later this year.

Goderich Mayor John Grace says the train derailment cleanup crew is expected to be leaving Goderich’s harbourfront Friday, hopefully allowing for Harbour Road to be re-opened by 7 p.m.