London police continue to investigate after a man on a bike was struck in the area of Wonderland Road and Wharncliffe Road late Sunday.

Police say two cyclists were westbound on Exeter Road near Wonderland when one of them was struck.

The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly stopped briefly before fleeing the scene, but was followed by a witness who then detained a fleeing passenger.

The vehicle was located in a section of the Casa Blanca Motel on Wharncliffe and held there for examination.

Police have released few additional details regarding the investigation but K-9 units were seen in the area shortly after the collision.

Witness describes scene of collision

Linda Dreenan-Saunders was already traumatized by the time she saw a car trailing sparks down Wharncliffe Road about 11 p.m. Sunday night.

Thirty minutes earlier, the London senior had been driving southbound on Wharncliffe, to her temporary home at the Casa Blanca Motel, when she had an unnerving incident.

“The kid on the bicycle pulled out in front of me, I saw a red reflector. I jammed on my brakes, and then a kid on foot ran across the street.”

Shaken by the close call, Linda pulled into her parking spot at the hotel, and was comforted by a friend.

Then, less than a half-an-hour later, they noticed a car turning the corner from Wonderland Road, onto Wharncliffe north.

“All we seen from the bushes there, all the way to the motel, was sparks flying out the back of the car, and then we heard, like a ‘bang-ish’”, Dreenan-Saunders tells CTV News.

She and some other people went to the front of the hotel, where a grey-coloured Nissan sedan had come to a stop.

Drennan-Saunders says one male had stayed with the car, but another person fled on foot. She says another vehicle had also stopped, but quickly left.

The male who stayed behind, she says, was arrested by a retired police officer who happened on the scene.

She agreed there were parts of what appeared to be a bicycle underneath the grey sedan.

Police were at the scene of the Casablanca Hotel, and the original site along Exeter road, until early Monday morning.

None of the eyewitness details have been confirmed by police.