Windmills could be a 'windfall' for the town of Plympton-Wyoming, in Lambton County.

The mayor of the community of less than 8,000 believes he’s found a way to net more than a million dollars for his community.

And his CEO backs up his find.

Carolyn Tripp’s report shows the death of the Ontario Green Energy Act, courtesy the new PC government, leaves windmills exposed to tax assessment at typical levels.

"So, the municipality is currently receiving over $39,000 in tax revenue from the wind turbines in the municipality, and we could be receiving about $1,300,000."

The formula is based on the 20 windmills in the community.

The community has already taken their formula to provincial tax assessors for an opinion and to their local MPP, Bob Bailey.

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper says Bailey has agreed to set up a meeting with Finance Minister Vic Fedeli, but no date has yet been set.

At present, the community argues, the small tax revenue received isn’t even enough to provide fire safety training to ensure their crews are prepared for an emergency at a windmill site.