A study into the health effects of wind turbines on Huron County residents is coming to a "disappointing" end.

At the public’s urging, the Huron County Health Unit opened a study into the potential health implications of wind turbines last year.

People living near wind turbines were encouraged to fill out “diaries” about how the turbines were or were not impacting them.

The problem is, only 100 people of potentially several thousand signed up.

According to Dr. Erica Clark, who oversaw the study, that means the health unit will not be able to make as detailed or conclusive recommendations about the connection between turbines and health problems as they would have liked.

Clark says that once people realized the outcome of the study would be to issue recommendations, not shut the wind turbines down, they lost interest.

Still, Clark says people are still passionate about the topic, and the lack of participation is not due to lack of interest.

The study will conclude at the end of November, and an interim report will be issued in a month's time with the final report by the end of 2019.