LONDON, ONT. -- Labatt Breweries of Canada has signed on as a founding corporate partner of the newly launched initiative called POST Promise, (People Outside Safely Together).

The POST Promise logo is a nationally recognized symbol of a business' commitment to doing their part to protect the public's health following COVID-19.

"It’s a program to help build consumer confidence as establishments, restaurant, bars, retailers, begin to reopen," said President of Labatt Breweries of Canada, Kyle Norrington.

Norrington said that if you are an owner of a bar, restaurant or retail store you can declare as an establishment online that promises to abide by five safety principles:

  • Maintain physical distance
  • Wash and sanitize hands
  • Stay home if unwell and report symptoms
  • Clean and disinfect regularly
  • Practice respiratory etiquette

Businesses that promise to abide by safety rules and regulations recommend by the Public Health Agency of Canada, can download a POST Promise logo off their website.

The signage includes posters and decos that signify to customers that the facility promises to be a safe workplace for employees and consumers. 

"Restaurant and bar industry has been hit extremely hard over the past few months and at Labatt, we feel like we have a duty to bring them back," said Norrington.

A nationally recognized checkmark can be downloaded for free but businesses can pay for specific Post Promise toolkits. 

"There are different tool kits that you can pay a fee for but generally speaking you go online and get the checkmark for the Post Promise and print it off," said Norrington. 

In a press release, Laura Hearn, President of The POST Promise welcomed Labatt for being the first corporate partner to sign on to the program. 

"Labatt has been a strong supporter of the POST Promise since inception, and is doing a tremendous job helping us build awareness of this important initiative to help restore consumer confidence across the country," said Laura Hearn, President & Executive Director of The POST Promise.

"We applaud Labatt and Restaurants Canada for their commitment to the POST Promise and to the health and safety of their customers and employees."

Restaurants Canada is also a founding partner of the POST Promise initiative.

Labatt Breweries Canada stated the following on its website, 

"The POST Promise is NOT a 'certification' or 'approval' from any regulatory body. All businesses are still required to follow the laws and recommended guidelines from their local public health office and government bodies."