Darrien Hinkson-Harris was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the shooting death of Londoner Terrell Johnson.

The sentence came Friday in a London courtroom.

Hinkson-Harris, 22, of Kitchener, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, aggravated assault and other gun charges.

Johnson, a 21-year-old aspiring rapper was shot in downtown London in September 2012 in a case highlighting gun violence in the core.

Johnson’s mother Denise Minderlein overflowed with emotion outside the courthouse.

"Fourteen years for my son? I love you 'Rell," she said, looking to the sky. "God will find justice."

Defence lawyer Nadir Sachak said his client is remorseful, but stoic.

"He actually feels he now has closure. He's glad it's over. Most importantly, he still feels horrible. He never meant to kill Terrell."

Justice Jeanine LeRoy didn't hold back her emotion either as she sentenced Hinkson-Harris.

"There is only one reason why you bring a gun to a fight and that is to use it. Frankly, I am disgusted by the behaviour."

She sent a message to others who have guns.

"If you carry and use a firearm in London, you are going to prison for a long time."

Dominique Mossel, of London, pleaded guilty to assault and weapons charges in connection with the case and received a three-year sentence.