A Bruce County marijuana producer is partnering with Wiz Khalifa, to bring his premium cannabis products to Canada.

Supreme Pharmaceuticals will be the producer of Khalifa Kush, a brand of cannabis products recently released in the U.S.

The internationally recognized Khalifa, says he chose Supreme to make his Canadian cannabis products because they both recognize the importance of high quality cannabis.

Khalifa, also the principal of Khalifa Kush Enterprises, said in a statement, "Canada is a very important place to me with the idea for 'Kush and Orange Juice' being created in Toronto, it's the perfect start for the international expansion of Khalifa Kush. My team and I have spent the past year finding a partner that shares our vision, values and passion for cannabis. The team at Supreme Cannabis understands the importance of high quality cannabis and how to produce high quality cannabis at scale."

From Supreme’s perspective, the deal gives them access to a cannabis brand that’s done very well in the U.S.

John Fowler, president and founder of Supreme Cannabis, added, "KKE has had incredible success in U.S. adult-use markets, establishing a brand that is synonymous with ultra-premium quality, based on world-leading genetics."

The partnership is for five years, but can be extended.

Khalifa Kush Canada will receive 5.7 million Supreme Shares and $1 million cash as part of the deal.