LONDON, ONT. -- Hundreds of children were able to get an up close look at Santa this weekend after the drive-through parade at the London Airport. 

Now thousands will be looking for an opportunity to meet the man in red over the next month. 

Santa's House at Victoria Park has received approval from the city of London and is putting plans in place to have Saint Nick. 

"Santa's House is going to be the safest house," says Leo Larizza, founder of the TLC Foundation which runs the house. 

"We are going to put a big glass wall in place where Santa will be encased. Kids will sit down in front with the photographer in another room. People won't even know there is a glass wall in that picture."

Cadillac Fairview which owns Masonville Place in London has suspended in-person Santa visits. 

White Oaks management says they are about 90 per cent sure they will have a Santa beginning November 28. 

"He'll be physically distanced from people," says Jeff Wilson, general manager at White Oaks Mall. 

"We will still provide people an opportunity to make an appointment to see Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes. We want to make sure it's safe so appointments are really important. It allows us to space out visits, and clean in between. We think we can make it happen." 

Larizza says unlike other years, there will be no drop in visits. Guests will be required to book a time beginning next week. 

"We need to do it for the children's mental health," says Larizza. 

"Kids need to see Santa, and I want to provide that for them. There is so many children suffering because of this pandemic and the TLC Foundation needs to help them as well. We need to work harder so all these kids we can put smiles on their faces because it's going to be a tough season for them."