The end dates for workers at London's Kellogg's plant are now firmly set, with 300 workers finishing Sept. 12th and the final 180 closing the plant Dec. 23rd.

Glancing at her workplace of nearly 23 years, Georgina Cook now knows she will leave here -- for the last time -- just two days before Christmas.

"It's an emotional roller coaster. You have good days, you have bad days, some days it's not like it's real, other days it's very real!"

She is just one of about 500 workers to be impacted when production stops on Kellogg Lane. Roughly 300 junior employees will leave Sept. 12th, the remainder in December.

Jason Deering, a 13-year employee and father of two school-aged girls, is trying to plan his future while working plenty of overtime as Kellogg's prepares as much product as it can ahead of the closure.

"I'm taking every penny I can get out of there until the 12th, then, like you said, one door will close and another one will open and I'll have to move on with my life. But, I'll miss it over there."

With the plant running near full capacity, it isn't obvious the pending halt is coming. However, inside the plant, there are a few signts that the end is near.

Bob Martin, head of BCTGM Local 154G, the union representing workers, says "We had an on-site credit union - it closed back in June...We had a full-service cafeteria - it closed"

But there are more human signs of change with as many as 20 per cent of workers having already found other jobs.

To accommodate the workload, while a few have been granted leave, the majority are burning the candle at both ends.

If they don't, Martin says they risk losing their severance, "Some folks are working double shifts. They're doing a shift at their new employer, they're working a shift at Kellogg's."

As for whether they will support the company after it's all over, Cook says "Part of me says no, I'll never buy it again, but part of me says, hey my pension's going to come from it."

Deering adds "It won't be like it was the last 13 years, where it was the only thing in my house. Now, it will be whatever's on sale."