A London man is facing 12 fire code violations dating back to a deadly incident two years ago.

Keith Charles, founder of London's 0People Helping People, an organization that assists the homeless was in a London courtroom Wednesday.

Charles plead not guilty to 12 fire code violations in reference to one of his group homes

He is also representing himself in the case.

On Nov. 3, 2014 one person was killed and dozen other tenants under Charles' care were left homeless following a blaze.

Fire inspectors say they found the violations at 1451 Oxford St. E.

They included failing to maintain smoke alarms, keeping doors closed or fixing broken doors.

Charles is maintaining his innocence, claiming he is being blamed for crimes he did not commit and putting onus on the tenants.

"I never committed a crime, you're holding me accountable for what someone else has done. It makes no sense to me. They're the ones that break, take off, damage and I am being charged for what they do," said Charles outside of the courthouse on Wednesday.