LONDON, ONT. -- Keeping front-line hospital staff safe has been the goal for a London company that’s been in operation now for 100 years.

“We did all of the student uniform and capes required by nurses back in the early days,” says president of Lac Mac, Shelley White.

“Over the years with the transitioning of what the market needed and health care needed, we grew the industry and today we are focused on technical textile products.”

Lac Mac has helped lead the way in the production of surgical gown and supplies hospital across the country.

“We basically protect human life. So our health care products are technical textile barriers that protects from blood born pathogens, things like hepatitis and HIV, various components. It’s a breathable liquid-proof product.”

White says production of these gowns really ramped up during the pandemic and because of the company’s expertise, she was called upon by the province to lend a hand during the height of the pandemic.

“Because we couldn’t meet all the demand we worked closely with groups in Toronto to retool ten facilities in the furniture industry and the retail apparel industry,” says White.

“They have been busy making isolation gowns. So we provided them with all the specifications they needed the patterns, the material information and standards.”

Director of Marketing Shelley Petrovskis says it’s been a year like no other for Lac Mac.

“It’s been both rewarding and challenging at the same time. With the recent demand of our products, ensuring we can meet those demands has been taxing for all of us, but yet rewarding in the end, knowing we are providing a product that is so important to the market today.”

Due of the increase need for PPE, Lac Mac has continued to grow in production and because of that its hiring for several positions.

“The main one is sewing operators. So we are looking to hire prob another six to ten operators who can come in to start sewing for us,” says White.

The company also produces protective garments for the construction and utility industries

“They are FRR grades products and they basically protect human life basically from flame protection in the utility industries,” says White.

Whether healthcare textiles or garments for other industries, Lac Mac plans to continue to grow in order to provide safe state of the art products for many more years to come.