During an interview with CTV National anchor Lisa LaFlamme Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was asked to clarify his position regarding the Saudi arms deal and whether it is still under review.

The deal worth $15-billion is central to General Dynamics and its London workers but has been the focus of human rights activists since the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

At the time of his murder Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the government would be reviewing the deal with Saudi Arabia to see if there are ways out of the deal.

LaFlamme pressed Trudeau for an update on his position regarding the deal.

Trudeau responded by saying, “We continue to defend hard working Canadians in London who have worked hard on this contract that Stephan Harper signed, that has massive penalties if we get out of, but we have not committed any new export permits sing the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and we’re going to continue to stand strongly for human rights against countries like Saudi Arabia that haven’t been respectful.”

LaFlamme then pressed Trudeau on whether or not the deal was still under review.

“I’m just not clear though on what you’re saying here so, on that military contract in London you’ve said for months now, for a year, that that contract is under review, is it still under review?” asked Laflamme.

“It is still under review but at the same time we were able to secure more of those jobs in London by making sure that the Canadian Military is going to buy Light Armoured Vehicles for our own use,” responded Trudeau.

In September the Liberal Government announced a new $2-billion dollar contract with General Dynamics to supply 360 Light Armoured Vehicles to the Canadian Armed Forces.