LONDON, ONT. -- It's jury selection day in the case of two accused in the death of Raymond Beaver.

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, it is a slow process.

Daniel Cavanaugh and Melissa George are charged with first-degree murder in Beaver's death.

Beaver, 43, was stabbed to death at his Lansdowne Avenue home in the city's east end in Oct. 2017.

Justice Michael McArthur is screening prospective jurors.

The process of jury selection is slow, with each prospective juror then having to be taken to the courtroom individually in an elevator. Additional COVID-19 precautions are also in place.

There is also a limitation on the number of people allowed in the courtroom with media and family watching in a separate room through closed circuit TV.

Occupancy limits due to COVID-19 mean courtrooms range in capacity from about 15 to 18 people being allowed in, depending on the size.