The jury in the second-degree murder trial of Christopher Gale watched a recording of the police interview with an emotional suspect after his arrest.

Gale has pleaded not guilty in the 2010 shooting death of his then girlfriend, 21-year-old Jocelyn Bishop.

The hours-long video begins with Gale in an orange jumpsuit and a beard, saying very little and sometimes nodding his head.

At one point though, Gale breaks down sobbing, and tells Det.-Const. Zaia Lazar that his girlfriend had shot herself.

“[Jocelyn] was my whole world, my whole life. I love her so much, I still can't believe she's gone…I didn't know what to do. She would have never forgiven me if I called her parents because she hated them. She would have only wanted me to know where she was."

He also told police she used a 9mm handgun to kill herself, which he later threw in the garbage.

Family members of the victim were visibly shaken while watching the police interview with Gale, especially as he professed his love for Bishop.

In the video Gale says “I told her I'd never ever have another girlfriend. My life is crap….When I go to heaven I'm hoping to meet up with her.”

A review of the five-hour interview will continue on Monday.

Video comes day after graphic photos

On Thursday, the court saw photos of Bishop’s body, wrapped in plastic, which was found by police in a shallow grave behind the Fanshawe Park Road home the two shared.

Her uncle, Brian Bishop also testified that when they began searching he spoke to Gale to ask where she might be and “[Gale] looked a little nervous and a little scared…he said [Jocelyn] had left.”

He added “When I first saw him he had a scrape on his shoulder…His ankles had scratches…I asked him what happened to his hand and he said Jocelyn had hit him with a pipe.”

A friend and co-worker of Gale’s, Nicholas Shearon, also testified that “They fought a lot and we all knew they fought.”