A London jury heard on Thursday how the great-grandmother of baby Ryker Daponte-Michaud urged his mother to seek medical attention for his severe burns, just days before the infant died.

Bessie Lagerwerf testified that the 18 month old was a happy little boy, but on the long weekend in May of 2014 that changed.

That's when Lagerwerf talked to the infant's mother, Amanda Dumont, "she did say that he pulled coffee over him and his bum was burned."

"I asked how he was and do you want to go to the hospital...he was crying...and she said he would be okay."

Lagerwerf continued to urge that the baby receive medical attention.

"I asked are you taking Ryker to the hospital or walk-in clinic...she said yes grandma, yes and I was happy with that."

However, Lagerwerf said she was hysterical three days later when the infant was found dead at this townhouse on Penny Lane in Strathroy.

Photos show the boy had severe blistered burns to his stomach, back and genitals.

Dumont, 30, and her partner Scott Bakker, 27, are charged with criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessaries of life.

Earlier Thursday, Bakker's mother wrapped up her testimony.

Kathy Bigras told the jury about the chaos surrounding the night Ryker died.

Bigras said when she saw baby Ryker motionless on the floor, "it's the most shocking thing I ever experienced...The whole situation."

Later in a heated exchanged with Dumont's lawyer Ken Marley, it was suggested that she was in a difficult situation with her son Scott being charged.

"It didn't occur at all that your son (Scott) was panicked because he knew he was in trouble?"

She responded, "no, anybody would be panicked...you would be panicked too."

Bigras then pointed the finger at Dumont.

"She's the mother and she had...the degree to take care of a baby."

The crown's case continues.