LONDON, ONT. -- After about five hours, the jury at the Raymond Beaver murder trial delivered a guilty verdict, but not of first-degree murder.

Melissa George and Daniel Cavanagh were found guilty of second degree murder in the brutal 2017 stabbing death of George’s uncle Raymond Beaver.

Second-degree murder carries a life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 to 25 years.

Both George and Cavanagh pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the brutal stabbing death of George’s uncle, 43-year-old Raymond Beaver in 2017.

The victim was attacked at his home on Lansdowne Avenue in October of 2017.

After the verdict was handed down, Lisa Beaver told CTV News that she misses her brother Raymond every day.

"Out of our siblings I got really, really close to him," said Beaver. "It would be nice for everybody to know that Ray was a great guy, he had some issues and nobody's perfect."

A conviction of second degree murder for George and Cavanagh comes with an automatic life sentence. However Justice Michael McArthur will decide how long the pair will serve before being eligible for parole when the proceedings resume on December 4. 

Beaver says she will be ready and is preparing her victim impact statement.

"They need to be away a long time, like they don't deserve to have a life of their own," said Beaver.