Juma Kuol, who had been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 50-year-old Suzan Jacob in July 2015, has instead been convicted of manslaughter.

Kuol, 53, had pleaded not guilty in the stabbing death of his friend at her Whitney Street apartment.

Kuol's lawyer Chris Uwagboe says, "It was a challenging case for sure. One of the circumstances they would have had to reconcile was the fact that my client has acknowledged culpability of the act and in the way that the act was played and having to decipher that from his intention is something that warranted a lot of discussion and I think the jury worked very hard on that."

After a four week trial, the jury began considering the case around midday on Tuesday and finally reached a verdict after three days of deliberation.

In closing arguments delivered Monday, the defence claimed Kuol was too intoxicated to be responsible for the stabbing, and cited a history of blackouts due to drinking.

However, the Crown has continued to claim that despite having consumed alcohol, Kuol knew what he was doing on the night he stabbed his best friend at her apartment.

Jacob died of a stab wound to her arm.

Uwagboe adds, "He has been completely remorseful about his conduct at that time...He still lost his best friend and its still his fault as a result of his drinking problems and that's something that's going to live with him for the rest of his life.

"But yes, he's thrilled with the result that the jury was able to find that he didn't intend to kill his best friend of 18 years and that was the story he wanted to tell to the jury and they accepted it."

Kuol will be sentenced on July 2.