Photojournalist John Densky has travelled the world but it's his hometown of London that is getting his attention these days.

After spending time abroad, Densky decided it was time to tell visual stories in the place he calls home.

"The idea was to form a project where I can work in my own community, domestically, and start to challenge some of the mythologies about this neighbourhood," says Densky.

Inspired by Alan Noon's book, East of Adelaide, Densky is hoping to capture a modern interpretation of the faces and places that make up this historic area of the city and bring the streets to life with installations.

"Ideally what I would like to see is in the different neighbourhoods of Old East Village there is a walk, there is an outside exhibition that people can come spend the day walking around," he says.

Densky is hoping to get the installations up and running in the next couple of weeks and he would like to have the book completed by September 2014.

"We want to create the idea that the arts - visual arts, media arts - can be an economic engine, they can be a means of advocacy," Densky says.