Jeremy Gubbels was handed two life sentences on Thursday for the horrific murder of his parents, Susan and Mario Gubbels.

He has no chance of parole for 25 years.

Gubbels, 28, pleaded guilty to the 2014 murders of his parents in Warwick Township and his sentencing hearing was heard Thursday.

Court heard that Susan and Mario spent a lifetime trying to help their troubled son and he killed his mother first and then his father on July 13, 2014.

In her victim impact statement, his sister Amanda said, "I hope you rot in hell. I hope you suffer every single day and feel the weight of the only two people who loved you unconditionally."

Susan Gubbels' body was mutliated with power tools. Gubbels waited for his father to come home before attacking him.

"I remember unlocking the door of my parents' home...seeing blood-soaked hardwood. The image will never go away," Amanda said.

Amanda did not want to speak on camera but released a statement through Crown attorney Elizabeth Maguire, saying she was glad justice was served. She thanked her family, friends and co-workers for their support.

Superior Court Justice Thomas Heeney said he does not believe Gubbels should ever be released from jail. "(He is) the true embodiment of evil."

The court heard how after the killing, Gubbels drove to London for a steak dinner and some martinis.

Before being taken away from court, Gubbels was given the opportunity to speak, but said nothing.