It looks like something out of a movie with a flash of light and fire rising resembling a mushroom cloud.

A home security video caught the moment a home exploded in Old East Village.

The video shows a man and two women enjoying a quiet night out in their hot tub. The two women sit in the tub as the man towels himself.

Then without warning in the distance a loud bang is heard along with a flash of light before the fire rises above the tree line.

One woman shouts “Oh my God! Call 911 please!” while the man urges the pair to get out of the tub.

What they witnessed was the moment a home in Old East Village exploded as the result of a car striking a gas line on Woodman Avenue.

Nikki Best, who provided the video to CTV News sat down for an interview and recalled what the moment was like.

“It was the scariest most intense thing I’ve ever heard. I can still feel the boom inside. It just shook me to the core,” said Best.

The home was levelled, several more were destroyed and the neighbourhood was evacuated.

A 23-year-old Kitchener woman is facing numerous charges in relation to the incident.