GRAND BEND, ON -- The province has lifted the ban on drive-in movie theatres allowing them to re-open today. 

Starlite Drive-in near Grand Bend is kicking off opening night by offering free admission. 

The main screen parking lot of Starlite drive-in theatre would usually fit about 300 vehicles but the owner and operator Allan Barnes is cutting that in half, allowing for one car space between each speaker. 

“I am only allowing 148 vehicles at most, maybe even less,” says Barnes, “I expect about 100 to show up tonight.”

To abide by COVID19 rules washrooms are off-limits and there will be no concession stand or movie popcorn being offered. 

“We are encouraging everyone to go to a take-out-food restaurant in Grand Bend, tell them we sent you,” says Barnes.

The two movies lighting up the screen this evening are ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and ‘Trolls World Tour’.

The theatre will be open 7 days a week from here on out, with the regular price of admission. 

Meanwhile, the Mustang drive-in remains closed due to renovations.