LONDON, ONT -- During the first virtual Lambton County news conference, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley had a blunt assessment to the ‘small minority’ of people refusing to abide by the province’s emergency order to exercise physical distancing and stay at home.

“This isn’t about personal freedom, it’s about protecting people from dying because of the actions of an individual,” says Bradley, "It’s like giving everyone a handgun and saying just fire away and see what happens."

Sarnia Chief of Police Norm Hansen said during the news conference a 70-year-old man was fined after violating a quarantine order for a second time.

“The fact is, we’re doing it for the good of the community,” says Hansen, in regards to increasing patrols. “Sarnia police will continue to be out there with bylaw officers and we’re going to enforce the law.”

An update was given on the state of Landmark Village retirement home, and how staff are dealing with an outbreak at the facility.

The idea is “for people to cohort, both staff and residents. So you’re looking after sick people together, and you’re looking after well people together. That's the basic premise,” says Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sudit Ranade.

Meanwhile Bluewater Health Chief of Staff Dr. Michel Haddad confirmed essential staff who work at more than one facility have been asked to choose one place to work.

“So we are using those policies and trying to manage the risk and benefit on a case-by-case basis. If someone is very essential that they have to work here and they have affiliation somewhere else, we have asked them to choose."

Sarnia man fined nearly $1,000

The 72-year-old fined after he ignored a warning from police to stay quarantined on his return home from travel is facing a steep penalty.

Sarnia police first received the complaint about the man a week ago after he was reported for not self-isolating upon returning to Canada.

Police issued him a warning and said he could be charged if he didn’t follow the rules.

On Monday, police received another tip advising that the man was still not complying with the quarantine.

Officers therefore issued him a ticket worth $750 and a surcharge that brought the total to $880.

Sarnia police say they will continue to try and educate the public during the pandemic, however if people refuse to comply with warnings or the rule then charges will be laid.

The COVID-19 Hotline can be reached at 1-877-4-SARNIA (1-877-472-7642). Members of the public can also report their concerns, from within Sarnia, by email to:

- With files from CTV's Justin Zadorsky