LONDON Ont. - Two weeks after Joe Gratton died of an overdose in Windsor's Southwest Detention Centre, rallies are being held across the province this weekend.

At London's Elgin Middlesex Detentoin Centre, family members of deceased inmates gathered early Sunday morning.

"My husband and I have been here every week.. sometimes twice a week for the past year and a half," says Judy Struthers.

"We are gaining a lot of support as you hear from the honks."

Those who have lost family members continue to push their government officials for action. Struthers (who lost her grandson Justin in 2017) says she wants more awareness in the public because "too much drugs are getting in".

As grieving families continue to fight for change Lawyer Kevin Egan says it's not always drug addicts who are dying..

"We do hear about people who on the street weren't doing those drugs.. they are faced with overcrowding and violence and a culture that leads them to a different place," says Egan.

"They go into a facility like this and are faced with overcrowding and violence and they are bored. They take whatever is going around.. and sometimes that's a drug that might kill them".

Struthers continues to advocate for changes on "both sides of the bars" because of mental health issues with both inmates and guards.