London police are issuing a warning to public in connection with the release of 57-year-old Robert Albert Bell, who has been convicted of numerous sexual offences.

Bell is being released from custody after serving his full federal prison term and is expected to arrive in London on Wednesday.

He is considered to be at high risk to reoffend, according to a psychological assessment.

Bell has been convicted of offences including; indecent assaults on young children, sexual assaults and invitation to sexual touching.

London police Const. Ken Steeves says “He’s been known to befriend parents of young children and ultimately target the young children when the opportunity arises.”

Bell does not have any parole conditions, but is subject to conditions under the Criminal Code regarding concerns for public safety.

“We want the public to be aware that he is residing in London and if he is around young children or schools, then by all means give us a call. He’s on several conditions right now: staying away from parks, schools, anyone under the age of 16 and he’s got to notify the London Police Service within 24 hours of a change of address,” Steeves says.

Police say they will be monitoring Bell to ensuring he abides by those conditions and are warning the public for their safety.