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Indian international students hope for 'level heads' to prevail

Rising tensions between the Canadian and Indian governments are quickly becoming a source of worry for Indian-Canadians in the region.

Yet, a large community of Indian International students in London, Ont. appears less concerned about the political crisis.

They believe ‘level heads’ will prevail.

The tense situation originated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation that the Indian government may have been involved in the killing of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia.

The Indian government has called the allegation “absurd."

CTV News London spoke both on and off camera to numerous Indian students studying at Fanshawe College about their level of anxiety.

“I trust the Canadian government and Indian government also. So, it does no not affect us. We are all safe here,” shared Tithi Patel, a business management student.

When asked if they fear tensions could escalate to a point where their studies are interrupted, most disagreed the situation would deteriorate that far.

Yet, Rutvik Patel, a project management student, agreed his parents are concerned.

“Back in India, my parents are worried for us, with what’s happening in politics. It’s quite depressing for them, but not for us,” he said.

Tithi added that Indian students in Canada remain optimistic a diplomatic solution will be found.

“In the future, everything will be solved. They (the Canadian and Indian governments) will both be friends again,” he concluded. Top Stories

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