LONDON, ONT. -- A man banned from LHSC due to a privacy policy change, still plans to give wishes to kids on Christmas Eve.

With just over two weeks to go until the big night, Leo Larizza, founder of the TLC Foundation says he's been working on scenarios to fulfill the requests.

"We will not be on the floor that night for the first time in 30 years," says Larizza.

Despite not being allowed on LHSC grounds, it's business as usual for the charity with Santa's House now open at Victoria Park. Families have been visiting and making donations to the foundation.

Initially insisting on delivering the gifts in person, Larizza has since softened his stance.

"As far as the hospital, we are trying to work with them and trying to understand the policy. We have letters we sent them, and are waiting for responses."

Larizza says the letters, drafted by a lawyer, request the hospital do what it had done in previous years.. let the families on the 6th floor know about his charity. CTV News contacted LHSC who said at this point they have no further statement regarding the TLC Foundation.

"We just need LHSC's help to let these families know that we will deliver them a Christmas wish,” pleaded Larizza. “We will do it the way the hospital would like us to do it. We want to work with them because it's all about the kids in the end. Hopefully we can come up with an arrangement so we don't miss one kid on Christmas eve.

Larizza says his plan is to produce an information letter which he hopes will be distributed by the Children's Health Foundation to the families. It would contain privacy issues, and instructions how to receive a gift from his foundation.

"If they won't hand out these forms, we'll think of another method," Larizza added.

One possible idea is putting the information on a sign across from the hospital on Baseline Road. Families would see the sign the information on their way into the hospital, or out the window from the 6th floor.

"If we can get that gift to them somehow, that's all that matters."