An Ilderton man's bank account got a big boost after he won $1 million on an instant scratch ticket.

Larry Kemp bought his Instant 100X Multiplier ticket at the Petro Canada on Highbury Avenue in Arva and had to user the checker to make sure he won.

“That’s when I knew for certain that it was a ‘Big Winner!’ The retailer was very excited and kept repeating, ‘You won, you won!’ Next, OLG called the store and it all began to sink it. I started shaking so much that the retailer had to help me write a few things down,” says Kemp.

The married father of three has some big plans for the loot.

“Winning the lottery has lifted a load right off my shoulders. Now I can help my sons and their families feel that same sense of financial freedom. One of my sons has a big mortgage, another son recently got married, and my third son just bought a sports car. This win will help them all.”