It’s ready. The Ikea London Pick-Up and Order Point opened Wednesday at 10 a.m.

About 50 people waited in line for the opening, fewer than expected, but Ikea remains committed to testing the waters before considering a full-scale store.

Located at the former Angelo's building on Wonderland Road South, there is a home furnishing showroom and the brand's 99 most popular products are available for immediate purchase - with no additional fee.

The first-of-its-kind in Ontario, the Pick-Up Point also allows shoppers to pick up orders at the location if they want to slash their delivery fee to just $20.

Stefan Sjöstrand, president of IKEA Canada, explains, ""You can pick 100 items and pay $20 - and you can pick one item and pay $20."

Ikea has 12 full-size stores slated for Canada in the next decade, and whether one lands in London will likely depend on the success of the Pick-Up Point.

And the first day was a successful one, Ikea Canada reports, saying there were more than 1,700 customers and sales over $75,000 at the new location on opening day.

Currently, the store employs about 20 people. It is located at 3198 Wonderland Rd. S., south of Southdale Road.