ST. THOMAS, ONT. -- A St. Thomas, Ont. food delivery driver is speaking out after allegedly being assaulted during a drop-off.

"I hadn't made it to the elevators and she was on me," says the driver who wished to be only identified as 'Ashley.'

After picking up an alcohol order from Cineplex at Elgin Centre, Ashley drove to 200 Chestnut St. and was buzzed inside an apartment building with no issue.

On the fourth floor she was met by a woman. However when she asked for the required identification, Ashley says the woman got upset. When the customer refused to provide ID, Ashley began to leave and return the order.

"As I was walking to the elevators I could hear commotion behind me," says Ashley.

"By the time I turned around she was right in front of me. She kicked the [Skip the Dishes] bag out of my hand, which went flying with all the product. I was in a headlock and it was all I could do to keep my belly protected. I was screaming and made it known I was pregnant."

Ashley says it took several minutes for anyone to come to her aid, but neighbours eventually called 911.

St. Thomas, Ont. apartment
The apartment building at 200 Chestnut St. in St. Thomas, Ont., the site of the alleged attack, is seen Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. (Brent Lale / CTV News)

"A 46-year-old St. Thomas woman has been charged with assault, mischief to property and breach of probation," says Tanya Calvert of the St. Thomas Police Service.

Hundreds of food deliveries take place daily in St. Thomas, but police say this is the first assault reported to them on a delivery driver.

"The driver did everything right," says Calvert. "It was a densely populated apartment building with controlled entry. It seemed like a safe place to visit, and unfortunately this happened."

We reached out to Skip The Dishes to find out if another other assaults similar to this incident have happened since alcohol delivery has been permitted, but received no response from the company.

Ashley says that Cineplex is the only location in St Thomas where people can order alcohol through Skip The Dishes. However, the alcohol must be accompanied by a food order.

Elgin Centre Cineplex in St. Thomas, Ont.
The Cineplex at Elgin Centre in St. Thomas, Ont. is seen Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. (Brent Lale / CTV News)

"Right now with Skip The Dishes everything is contactless because of the pandemic, but not alcohol orders," says Ashley.

"It doesn't' matter how old you are, you need to be prepared to show your ID, that's the only way to get your order. My job is on the line, my certificate with Smart Serve is on the line, and it's the law."

Ashley is four months pregnant, but doctors say the baby boy is going to be fine.

She will continue to drive for the company because it helps pay the bills.

"I was immediately on the phone with 'Skip' to tell them I want Smart Serve taken off my account," says Ashley.

"I won't be taking any more alcohol orders."