LONDON, ONT. -- As the number of COVID-19 cases set a new record in Ontario, it seems many Londoners sit on opposite sides of the court when it come to their reaction.

“Life has to go on, and we have stuff to do still," states Cheyenne Ireland, while wearing a mask outside a city grocery store.

But on the walking track at Mitches Park in the city’s south end, Robin Barnes finds the rise in cases worrisome.

“It scares me, and I’m trying to live my life, but my husband works in a school, so therefore it does affect me.”

It also impacts on the life of Emily Carter. She just emerged from months of working remotely.

Walking her dog on a day off, she believes the COVID-19 precautions now in place are enough to keep society functioning.

“I still just wash my hands a little bit more than normal, but I don’t barricade myself inside my house.”

Jen Masters is also not staying home. But while at a city dog park, she stated the poor examples of some are bound to impact us all.

“I think people are getting pretty reckless, with back-to-university parties."

A situation to reflect on for Serey Hunter.

“I think that everyone should still take extra precautions with wearing their mask and going out, and limit gatherings as well"

Still, Alan Cameron says even with precautions in place, he knew this day coming, “I expected as soon as flu season came around. It is to be expected.”

And like many, his concern is elevated, “I have family members at home that have immune deficiencies. I don’t mess around."

But while that’s the case for Cameron and most others who spoke with CTV News, they do not want to see the province grind the economy to a halt again.

However some, including Robin Barnes, support further enforcement of restrictions.

“I think they need to start laying fines instead of warnings,” she said, adding, “I feel comfortable in London. I don’t think I would be comfortable in Toronto.”