LONDON, ONT -- A 29-year-old father of one has plenty of plans for the $250,000 he recently won playing the The Big Spin Instant ticket.

Joshawa Sturgeon says the cashier at the convenience store he played his big spin at had to explain to him that he had won.

“I was thinking yeah right, no way,” he said.

After the reality of what had happened sunk in, Sturgeon already knew what he planned to do with his winnings.

“I’m going to put some into an RRSP for myself, and add to my daughter’s RESP. There are so many possibilities. I could invest in a business or maybe use some as a down payment for a house. I also want to help my grandmother. I’m going to make the most of this money,” he said in an OLG release.

Sturgeon works in the culinary arts and decided to play on a whim after seeing a friend of his playing online.

The first person he called was his cousin who told him that “If anyone deserves this, it’s you.”