The Fire Marshal's Office is expected to complete its investigation Saturday of the Hyde Park fire that claimed many businesses.

While investigators remain on scene, they expect their work to be completed by end of day.

But don't expect any answers just yet on what caused the huge blaze last Thursday that levelled businesses such as Porcino restaurant, D & S Pianos and a Benjamin Moore paint store.

Investigators say it will be a few more days before the cause is made public.

Crews also took down a wall at the strip plaza where cleanup continues.

"From an investigation stand point, we start from the outside and work our way in, in order to rule things out. So, in this case, we had high fire damage in that one corner," says London Fire Dept. Insp. Robert Barker.

Meanwhile, plans are being put into place to help those who lost their businesses and livelihoods in the blaze.

A private Facebook group has been set up for business owners where they can interact. Crisis counselling is being made available.

"You just fee sick," says Gerry McQuilan, owner of Minuteman Press.

"This happens to someone else. You watch this on TV, see someone else go through it. This does not happen to you."

The Hyde Park Business Association is also talking to the city and funding partners to help those affected set up shop temporarily so they can get back to work.