WINGHAM, ONT. -- Unless you speak Danish, you might be wondering what Huron County’s newest 'winter lockdown' program, Huron Hygge, is all about, and even how to pronounce it. (It's hue-gah or hoo-gah.)

“There’s a lot of different ways people try and say it. We hear lots of different pronunciations, but what’s really important is it’s about the feeling. It’s about coziness, it’s about self-care, it’s about well-being,” says Huron Hygge Coordinator Katie Marshall.

Hygge is a Danish word meaning relaxation and contenment, and is the basis for Huron County’s newest winter program to try and get people through this current COVID-19 lockdown.

The program is a series of online concerts, classes and kits to keep residents engaged and interested.

“We have everything from meditation and yoga classes every day of the week. We have crafting tutorials and discussion. We even have a workshop on ancestry, so you can start researching your family tree,” says Marshall.

Most of those activities are free or inexpensive, but the program, which is organized in part by Huron County’s Economic Development department, is also trying to support local businesses throughout the lockdown, by offering Hygge 'boxes.'

“They are kind of like the subscription boxes you can get. They’re themed boxes for purchase, filled with cozy items from local businesses, all across Huron County,” says Marshall.

Of course, part of they hygge experience is getting outside, and enjoying the numerous trails and winter activities across the region as well.

“If you want to get outdoors and get some exercise, Huron County has many trails and you can find a copy of the Huron County hiking guide on our website,” says Huron Hygge Coorganizer Rick Sickinger.

You can find out everything that’s happening through Huron Hygge’s program at

“We really want to help people find a bit more comfort, a bit of light and coziness and sparkle in these dark days of winter. We’ve never really needed it more than this year,” says Marshall.

Huron Hygge runs until the end of February.