The eyes of the world are on London for the CP Women's Open, and it takes a lot of people power to pull off the event.

More than 70,000 people are expected to watch in person, and staff, security and hundreds of volunteers are working to make it a great experience.

Al Green says he wouldn't miss this event for the world, "I love golf. This is my sixth or seventh golf tournament I have volunteered at. I am thoroughly enjoying myself, it is a well run tournament."

The London grandfather is one of over 1,100 volunteers who signed up to work at the LPGA tournament

Peter Channer, Hunt Club co-chair, says, "The volunteers are so excited. It just builds, like even today they can't get enough shifts, they are asking 'What more can I do? What more can I do.'"

Though the majority of volunteers are local there are a few who have travelled from across the country to help out on their own dime.

Volunteer co-ordinator Heather Wogden explains "They're paying to stay in a hotel for a week, but they get to see some of the best women's golf in the world and it's just a lot of fun for them. They love it and sometimes there are people who do this every single year."

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities at the event and some even get to be on the course with the players, like Colleen Douglas who is one of the score-keepers.

"It's a great experience and you meet people from all over the place, real golf fans who just love the game and love to watch the players play, because these girls just love to hit the ball."

Steve Goodine works for London police, but this week he's off and volunteering, one of 20 police officers lending their time and expertise.

"We're out here supporting the community and it's not as overt as with the uniform on, but just as important because we are here as the eyes and ears at the tournament making sure everyone is safe and enjoying the day."

Without the help of volunteers, things just don't get done.

The Canadian Pacific Women's Open wraps up on Sunday.