AYLMER, ONT. -- Hundreds turned out to the “Freedom March Rally” in Aylmer, with participants wanting to erase the mandated mask bylaw, saying it's an infringement on their freedoms.

“We have rights, this is for everybody,” says Vaughan Sansam, participant of the march from London.

Participants from across the province including Hamilton, Kitchener and London attended the rally outside the community centre on Talbot Street West, Saturday afternoon.

Church of God Pastor Henry Hildebrant drew loud cheers when he arrived.

“How many people have died? Where? Where is the emergency? There is nothing to back it up. We want our freedoms back we want to live,” says Hildebrant.

There were many onlookers at the rally, many who are pro-mask.

“The government mandated a mask for a reason I am here to support the government and their regulations and show people that I don’t want them to get sick and I don’t want to get sick either,” says Mike Moore, an Aylmer resident against the protest.

Many participants had, hugs over masks shirts made and signs to match.

“Healthy people don’t wear masks I don’t understand where this come from, we had other diseases and virus in the past for many years and we never had any masks,” says Jonathan Weber a participant of the march.

After initially standing by the road protestors took to the arena parking lot to make speeches and brag about the turnout, calling themselves the silent majority.

A massive cavalcade then made its way down Talbot Street, looping around and lasting well over an hour.

Aylmer police say a few Highway Traffic Act charges were laid, and they’ll continue to review video and photographs from the protest.