LONDON, ONT. -- The incessant heat and humidity is especially difficult for London’s homeless population.

The Salvation Army Centre of Hope is helping by travelling around the city handing out water to those in need.

“You can never have enough water when It’s 30-whatever degrees out,” says Emergency Disaster Services Co-ordinator Trevor McLellan

“Giving someone something, doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter your income, it doesn’t matter what your living situation is. When someone says ‘Hey looks like you need some help here you go’ everyone appreciates that.”

The area around the Centre of Hope is home to a large contingent of tents, similar to those seen near the Western Fair this spring.

Unlike those in Queen’s Park, the people staying in these tents are suffering the effects of the extended heat alert.

“It’s fantastic that.. for instance the Western Fair at Queen’s Park. A lot of the folks there got housing which is amazing, and a lot of the folks that we see on a daily basis are just here on Bathurst street, so that’s where we’re focussing our efforts. ” says McLellan.

But as water is being handed out on Bathurst street, McLellan learns of a group of people on Dundas in need. This is where he meets Felicia.

“Let me see if I can find something in the truck for ya,” McLellan says after noticing a severe cut on Felicia’s head.

She says she’s been to the hospital several times, but the wound looks raw. McLellan is unable to locate any first aid supplies that would sufficiently help her.

“You see people who need help, and it’s.. you know.. people aren’t available, or whether it’s willingness, or individuals don’t always have the wherewithal to seek help, and you see something like that, and you are going to do what you can.”

McLellan returns to Felicia and promises he’ll return to the same spot tomorrow armed with supplies to clean and treat the wound, and asks her to come to the daily dinner the Centre of Hope provides every day.

“I hope she comes, otherwise, you know, next time we come down here I’ll do my best to track her down, and hopefully we can get her some help.”